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Weight Loss Challenge :: Update, Joining One80 Fitness

I’m still going strong with the personal weight loss challenge I gave myself last month. I hit a few bumps in the road when my schedule changed at work though. Because I get off later in the day, I miss out on some of the classes I was taking on USM’s campus. Now, I’ve taken away any possible excuse I could give – I joined a 24 hour gym. 

This isn’t my first gym membership, but it is the first in at least two and a half years. I decided to join One80 Fitness because it is fully staffed 24 hours of the day. My previous membership at Anytime Fitness was lacking the fully staffed part. A girl has gotta feel safe, right?

I’ve only lost 3 pounds of my 30 pound weight loss goal for the summer, so I have to really make these next two months count. I’m positive that having access to a gym all day will greatly improve that number.

Wish me luck!


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Jessica Simien, 28, is a lifestyle blogger and media consultant. She is also the owner of Simien Media Group LLC. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from Jackson State University and a Master of Public Relations degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. To contact her, follow her on social media @jessicasimien.

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