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WATCH: ‘Preachers of LA’ Episode 1

WATCH: ‘Preachers of LA’ Episode 1

The highly anticipated and extremely controversial new reality show Preachers of LA premiered last night on Oxygen. The cast is made up of six very high-profile pastors: Pastor Jay Hazlip, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Minister Deitrick Haddon and Bishop Noel Jones.

Check out the show premiere up top and let us know what you thought of the show below in our comment section!


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  1. Miracle Malone

    Now as a church girl born and raised… This is my kinda show!!! But I can see now that see “preachers” are about to be revealed for who they really are. Thanks for posting J!!!!

  2. Mable

    This is going to be good and Very Interesting, most of all I see the Realness in it and I see alil arrogance seeping out as well. Loved It Lets Go !

  3. Carzelle Smith

    I have a lot to say but I will sum it up with this. My heart bleeds for our preachers and for the body of christ. I pray and hope that the non believing people and the body of christ don’t get confused why Jesus came. And the real reason why we are here. Because it sure is not for material possessions and fame. Don’t get me wrong. God want us all to be blessed. I think show boating and bragging is the enemy tactics. If all we are doing is gaining and never give to that stranger as the bible says who God may have sent your way. Man! God bless your soul. Because that stranger just might be sent by God to you. Me as a true believer in God and His Son. And living the life. I can look over this world that these pastors have allowed to take control over them. But God have mercy upon those who don’t know Him and looking at this. Where can they find hope?

    1. FlyCaliGirl

      Yes Cazelle! You took every right from my head & penned it perfectly! I’m struggling with the concept of this show. :/

  4. Queen Blue

    Deitrick was on point regarding what he said to McClendon in the man cave. Preachers need to come with the word for the people not to get paid. Let us not forget, Preachers are people too who come short of the glory of God. They have been called, but they are no better than us. All Christians should be able to preach a word at any given moment. God should be able to use any of us but most of us deny God when it comes to preaching the word or even as small as sharing our faith with unbelievers. Stop pointing the finger but instead get the LOG out of your own eye FIRST. That’s my peace…

  5. yolonda magee

    IRight on point Queen Blue. Bishop McCleondon is too pretty for himself . I need to c the God in u not the bling on u or who have the biggest toys.

  6. David

    I’m in the UK and this is so far removed from what happens over here my mind is totally blown. Shame I won’t be able to watch the rest of the series

  7. Rebekah

    l am from the UK and l have been waiting to watch this for a while, this is highly disappointing and frustrating because it seems like these preachers have a quotation to back their lavish life styles and their using the word to justify their arrogance and greed. Yes no one says its a sin to prosper, but what happened to being humble about it. l also remember the bible saying Jesus said just as it is hard for a camel to go through the eye of a needle so it is for a rich man to enter heaven,(Matt 19:24) because where your treasure is, that’s where your heart is. (Matt 6:21). Jesus didn’t come seeking fame, he died a sinners death even though he had not sinned. He didn’t come to show of his abundant wealth in heaven he was born in a manger and died on a tree! These people can sugar coat their lives all they want. The truth is you reap what you sow, so who they really are will surely come to light no matter how long it take. People are depressed,suicidal,hurting and so many indescribable situations, looking for answers and a way of hope and peace. And these men want to talk about their cars and why they charge for the Gospel they preach. l think Detrick Haddon had a point, he has his own issues lol, but don’t we all. But at least he was bold enough to speak out about the prosperity preaching doctrines.

  8. Judy A. Johnson

    It was very shocking to see ministers who I have respected for a long time acting like the world. It is a shame in the eyes of the body of Christ to see men who call themselves ministers of God acting like the world. I couldn’t believe what I had on the advertisement before the program aired how some where comparing themselves to Jay-Z. My God! This is why the church has become so weak and do not have a leg to stand on according to those in the world. The almighty dollar has taken over their hearts and mind. But what is it to gain the world and lose your soul. These men appear to be wolves in sheep clothing. I hope they wake up before it is too late. I speak this directly to them I hope that you will not be the one who Jesus say “get away from me you evil doers I never knew you.” You have played into the hands of the devil by participating in such a shameful program like this. It was a poor representation of who you are suppose to be for the Glory and honor of the Lord Jesus Christ! The devil has been exposed in God’s house. This simply proves that we are living in the last days. This program only prove to some why many are straying away from the church in today’s society.

  9. hector vive

    Its a good show in the part that will open the eyes of the believer to see the type of men and women who are ministering from our altars and the spiritual conditionand attitude they are living, which is far away from the condition jesus wants us to live. And for those reason come the bad side of the show which is the part where the non-believers will have a mistaken perspective of what it means to really be a christian and what he demands and wants from us. We have to pray for our leader and congregation! “Be HOLY as I am HOLY”

  10. KEVIN

    wow this is great love it i’ve been waiting to watch this for a long time been reaching all over the place but now i found it here

    1. Rev. Dr. Larry Lucas Jr.

      Wayne Battle,

      Please do not ignore that what they have did not come from the 3,000 members alone. A lot of their imcome is earned from cds & books, record deals, preaching conferences etc. Some pastors are also into real estes. They are smart business men. Not just from the salary they receive from the church. They mentioned that in the man cave, having more than one source of income.

      Therefore, one should not look at what they (Preachers of La.) have and get into ministry. Pastoring is a call from God. As such, one’s calling may not be to pastor a church with 3,000+ members. The challanged is, can a man pastor his home first according to Peter, before he try to pastor a church.

      1. Charles

        The cds, books and record deals all come with having a large congregation. It is misleading for us to pretend that these people were initially best-selling authors who then became preachers. No. What they have done is use the Church to build a brand for themselves through which they can sell their merchandise. It is smart business, albeit an exploitation of the gospel of Christ. To me its funny when I hear Pastors say “I don’t collect money from the Church, I just write fantastic books which people buy”.

  11. Grace

    Great show love it…you all missing the point here,,its not abt the bling its about what God does for those who love him and do His work,,would you rather have a poor pastor telling God does miracles when he himself is hungry and has nothing to wear,,,,these man and women are where they are because of what they sowed in Gods kingdom,,,and honestly what we see now isnt the real story,,,what about the people their ministries help,,,,they are man only made perfect through Christ,,and if God can do that for then HE can do it for me also…..good work man and woman of God!!!

  12. Bx

    I would definitely attend Bishop Gibson’s church out of all of them, he seems the most down to earth. The younger preacher from Detroit is more my age group, but seems a bit too Tye Tribbet for me, I respect the old school more.

  13. Bx

    Minister Haddon has valid points in his argument, but I didn’t like his approach to it. Especially when you are dealing with a bunch of other pastors that have been doing this longer than you, let the others speak, don’t get all preachy for the cameras to show how holy you are. If he would have just toned it down a notch, he could have had the upper hand because McClendon was on some Hollywood tip showing up late and sparkly.

  14. Linda Liburd

    Thank you so much for posting it. I love the transparency of Pastor Jay Hazlip when faced with the dilemma of April who is now David. Pastor Jay handled the issue with delicacy and much wisdom. He wasn’t afraid to say ‘I’m trying to get this right’. I really felt the genuine love of God. Waiting patiently in the UK for episode 3 to be posted. Many thanks!

  15. Charlene

    Thank you for posting this reality series. It is super fascinating to see the back story of these men of God. They are all fallible. I pray their strength and wisdom in the Lord. Bishop Noel Jones seem to be playing his long time lady “friend” for far too long. I hope she wises up before she becomes an old maid.

  16. A M

    Thank you for posting this. I loved the show. Men of God portrayed as real men with the flaws that we all have. Great casting and emotional arc in the show. I hope it travels and is shown on TV here in the UK or on Netflix. I think this show could do wonders for the Church because it will spur discussions.

  17. alisha

    Thiss show is a mess. These people are so emtional. I dont understand why these men are living so large. There are people in their church that’s giving them money so they can pay for their benz and struggling. I really dont think these men are called by God. Anybody can study tbe scripture and any body can get up on stage and yell and shout but I dont see a Holy lifestyle in none of these men.. they need to get rid of all the glitz and glam and come back down to the basics. I pray that God open s their eyes. Im 20 years old and im black and it saddens me how men like thses mean hurt their communties..,,,, After, watching this show I have a burden to reach my community before they get corrupt by men like this.

  18. Red Kingman

    These men epitomize the apostasy that has beset the Church (body of Christ). If we don’t get a latter rain of the Holy Spirit, any kind of “rapture” won’t be involving millions and millions of born again believers, but rather a much smaller number. So small that when it does occur, most people won’t even notice.

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