Tameka Raymond Gets Her Chance To Speak Out

September 24, 2012

Following Usher’s public discussion with Oprah on what happened between him and his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond is getting her chance to speak out.

Many have criticized Oprah for only getting Usher’s side of the story (my favorite being Funky Dineva’s) and although the majority of people who’ve kept up with their drama don’t particularly care for Tameka, many still want to hear her version.

I haven’t really kept up with what has gone on with them…it just saddens me that they feel the need to publicly discuss all of this mess, especially being that Tameka lost her 11-year-old son this summer following a tragic jet ski accident and then lost custody of her two sons during the divorce/custody battle with Usher.

The interview airs tonight on Entertainment Television.


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