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Small Town Girl, Big City Living :: Charli Holbrook & Her Southern Roots

Small Town Girl, Big City Living :: Charli Holbrook & Her Southern Roots

This article is apart of the Mississippi Month Celebration.


Clinton, Miss. native Charli Holbrook is a proud Southern belle currently living in Washington, D.C. A Howard University Master of Fine Arts candidate, blogger and full-time writer for Media Blvd. magazine, Charli is a 24-year-old superwoman. Her love for production was cultivated at her Alma mater, Jackson State University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Production.

I love Jackson State, ” she says, “my long term goal is to go back to JSU and open up a film program because Howard is the only HBCU that currently offers a film program. I really wanna do that.”

She tells us a little about her experience as a the only person from the South in her program at Howard:

“I hate the fact that people think people from Mississippi are poor and uncivilized, we know what it takes to be successful. They love that I’m the only Mississippian and Southern person in the program. Every time I study a Mississippi or Southern film I get butterflies.”

Charli plans to go into the film industry working directly with marketing and branding to market films to the right audience.

She has this to say about how being a Mississippian has impacted her life and success:

“I love Mississippi and I would never change anything about growing up in Mississippi.”

Follow Charli on Twitter @pslovecharli or visit her blog by clicking here.

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About The Author

Jessica Simien, 28, is a lifestyle blogger and media consultant. She is also the owner of Simien Media Group LLC. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from Jackson State University and a Master of Public Relations degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. To contact her, follow her on social media @jessicasimien.

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