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Rumor Alert :: Silent Feud Between Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian?

Rumor Alert :: Silent Feud Between Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian?

Is there a silent feud going on between Beyonce’ and Kim Kardashian? Several people are saying yes.   

Most people believe Kim Kardashian has an exceptional thirst for attention (myself included) and she’ll go to any length to get it. Although her relationship with Kanye West has grown on me since I first wrote about them back in June, I stopped being #teamKim when she married and shortly divorced Kris Humphries.

Anyway, several sources are saying that there has been a growing feud between Kim and the Queen herself, Beyonce’. The media has already reported several times that Bey did not want to associate herself with Kim because of all the attention she (Kim) seeks.

Kim was reportedly trying to be apart of the Ron Howard documentary currently being filmed on Bey’s hubby, hip hop mogul Jay Z while on his ‘Made in America’ tour in Philly.

According to sources, Bey had to pull Kardashian to the side and remind her that the documentary was about Jay Z, not her. Jay is supposedly trying to get Bey to play nice since Kim is dating his BFF.

Sources told NY Daily that Bey and Kim hardly spoke to each other during the concert and Kim was “desperate for attention” from the cameras that were filming Jay Z.


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