Roscoe Dash In His Feelings On Twitter

Roscoe Dash In His Feelings On Twitter

Rule number one – stay away from Twitter (or any social media site) when you are in your feelings. Rapper and wanna-be singer Roscoe Dash hopped on Twitter and aired out a few musicians yesterday.

Kanye West released a video breaking down the creative process of G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer and during the video commentary he listed all the artists who contributed to the album. He apparently left Roscoe Dash out and that’s where the rant began.

Dash went on about how he worked on Cruel Summer‘s first track and even said that he wrote the hook of “Lotus Flower Bomb” for Wale before Wale was even signed with Rick Ross and he didn’t receive credit on the album either.

I think if he worked on songs he should get credit for them and I’d probably be pissed too, but I’d never go on Twitter with it because I could put off other artists who may want to work with me.

What do you think of Roscoe’s Twitter rant?



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