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RHOA Reunion, Season 4: Part 1 of 3

If you missed last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show, you missed a lot of…well…NeNe. The show seemed to focus a lot on NeNe and how she has changed, is no longer interested in mingling with her Atlanta friends and so on.

I really felt like NeNe has this big chip on her shoulder in regards to Kandi. Remember when Kandi first became a part of the cast and how NeNe (without reason) just didn’t like her? Yeah…it seems like those feelings are back. NeNe just seemed really nasty and bitter about Kandi’s adult toy line, Bedroom Kandi. I personally think it is a great venture.

After she had her spat with Kandi, she of course went in on Kim and Sheree’. I’m glad to see Kim portrayed this new way. She is definitely on another level and I think it is a really good look for her. She looked beautiful and announced that she was four months preggo. Congrats Kim and Kroy!

Sheree’ shed a few tears over her situation with her ex husband, but dried those bad boys up right in time to get into it with NeNe. IDK what to say about those two.

The other ladies were unusually quiet, but I the upcoming installments of the reunion special will definitely allow them to have their say. Looking forward to it!

Here’s a clip from the show:


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