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Recap :: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Episode 5

Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was full of the ratchetness we’ve come to expect. 

The episode opened with Joseline and Erica meeting up after their “fight” in the last episode. Erica was still hot about the issue and Joseline seemed to have calmed down a lot and even apologized for accusing Erica of sleeping with Stevie J. Joseline seemed sincere, but Erica wasn’t having it and made sure to let Joseline know that they were not, nor will they ever be friends. Even though Joseline is a train wreck, I liked the way she handled this particular situation.

Moving on…

Lil Scrappy and Buckeey….first off, I was a Scrappy fan until last episode. I know we only see what the cameras show us, but he seems a lot less “real” than he wants us to believe he is. I just cannot take for one, him expecting Erica to run to his bedside when he’s having an asthma attack if he’s sleeping with Buckey and her lace front. I get the concept of taking care of “your man,” but Scrappy made it very clear that he was not Erica’s man.

Erica had a little pow wow with Rasheeda and K. Michelle regarding Scrappy and his childish ways and they basically confirmed that there was someone else.


MiMi decided to take a stand against Stevie J again, this time leaving his “joints” (as he calls them) aka his clothes, in the street. Hopefully Mimi is in fact done with him because his antics are too much to even watch. I couldn’t imagine living through them.

The highlight of the show, other than Erica and Scrappy’s argument, was K. Michelle and Karlie’s exchange of words. Apparently, Karlie threw shade at K. Michelle in the hopes of landing her producer to produce a hit song for her instead of K. Michelle. How dumb can you be?

K. Michelle made sure to let everyone know that she’s from Memphis and Karlie told those standing by that she would have to be arrested today. LOL…the comedy!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, click here for the full episode.

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  1. shanky

    I like to watch all these reality shows on TV, that’s my guilty pleasure. I missed the show Monday since I had to work late at Dish but I was able to catch up on Dish Online. After watching the episode, I couldn’t agree more with on your recap of Scrappy and Erica. I really think Momma Dee baby’s Scrappy too much.


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