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[photos] When Black Twitter Attacks :: Twitter Users Diss Grandma & Calls Her A Man

I’ll admit it…I laughed really hard ONCE…but not because of the actual photo, because of the comments by a few Twitter users. Regardless, I didn’t make a comment or retweet the photo, so technically I’m innocent.

Last night during the BET Awards, Twitter user @Lola_TheLOSER tweeted a photo of her and her grandmother that sent the Twittersphere (mine, at least) into an uproar of laughter and jokes.

Apparently, @Lola_TheLOSER made some offensive comments about the late, great Whitney Houston and felt the wrath of Black Twitter as a result.

While I get her point about Whitney not being a part of her personal life, therefore she was not “moved to tears” during the tribute, I don’t believe in disrespecting the dead.

But I don’t believe in disrespecting the elderly either, though.

Black Twitter immediately went IN on Lola at her grandmother’s expense. This innocent woman was the brunt of jokes because of her foul mouth granddaughter.

I told ya’ll before that Black Twitter is ruthless. You won’t catch me slipping! I don’t know how I would have handled the situation if someone came for me or my family like that.

So what do you think? Did she deserve it?

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1 Comment

  1. lmarieconnects

    LMAO! So I died came back and died again laughing at the picture..She brought that upon herself. She could have kept all those comments to herself about Whitney. She sounds BITTER TO ME!. lol


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