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Natural Hair :: Protective Styling With Marley/Senegalese Twists (DETAILS)

Written by Jessica Simien. Posted in Style & Beauty

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Published on March 30, 2013 with 56 Comments

jessica simien natural hair

I decided to put twists back in my hair until my two-year natural hair anniversary, but this time instead of doing Senegalese twists, I decided to try Marley twists.

Marley twists are basically bigger Senegalese twists (to resemble dreadlocks) and you use Marley Braiding Hair instead of the silkier Kanekalon hair. To achieve this look, I used about 4 1/2 packs of the hair ($4.99 each) and it took me about 6 hours. I took several breaks and retwisted a few of the twists several times.

I do prefer this hair over the 100% Kanekalon hair simply because my hair is concealed very well and this hair isn’t so heavy. Also, the ends have not been unraveling and the roots aren’t slipping. I’ll keep these in for about two weeks and then I’m sure I’ll try something different with my hair again. I get bored easily LOL.






About Jessica Simien

Jessica Simien, 26, is the owner of and a public relations and media expert. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from Jackson State University and a Master of Public Relations degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. To contact her, follow her on Twitter @jessicasimien or email her at

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There are currently 56 Comments on Natural Hair :: Protective Styling With Marley/Senegalese Twists (DETAILS). Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. Hi. I love your hair!! how many pieces of the marley hair did you use per twist? I love how you hair is full but not too full like I’ve seen others peoples twist.

    • Hi Melonie,
      Thanks! I used two pieces per twist.

    • Can you keep the twists longer?

      • Yes, I just like to switch up my hair a lot. I usually don’t wear styles very long.

  2. I absolutely adore your hair, it looks Great on you. Did you use any products during the process?

    • Thanks Fran,
      I did – I used a little EcoStyler gel to keep my natural hair in place within the twist.

  3. Hey. How many packs of Marley hair did you use?

    • I used 4 packs.

  4. Actually. I didn’t see the written part only the pictures. Sorry for the dumb question. Its really pretty!

    • Thank you!

  5. How do you make the ends of your hair stay?

    • The marley braiding hair is really coarse, so because I twisted all the way to the ends it stayed on its own.

  6. What brand of marley hair did you use?

    • I don’t remember the exact brand, I’m sorry.

  7. How long does this style stay? Is it like regular 3month micros?

    • I’m the worst person at maintaining a hairstyle…I only kept mine in for about two weeks. I’m sure they could have stayed in much longer.

  8. Could this be done over locs. ?

    • I’m not sure…possibly if the locks are thin.

  9. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been dying to do Marley Twists. I’ve never had extent ions and I hate the hard synthetic feel of the hair. Was your hair soft to the touch or hard and crunchy? To get a softer feel I want to try the Kanekelon hair but I here it doesn’t stay well! Your opinion?

    • Thank you! Personally, I don’t like the Kanekelon hair because it slips and my hair sticks out of it. I tried them and took them out in a week. The marley hair is a little harder but soft at the same time once it has been manipulated and twisted and all that.

  10. Do you twist these the same way you twist Senegalese twist?

    • Yep I did!

  11. Hi this is so gorgeous!! My friends and I are looking into trying this. I was wondering did you finger part it or use a comb? Did you straighten your hair before you twisted it? Also could you give any tips to someone who is doing this for the first time? Thank you in advance!


    • Thank you Jasmine! I used a comb and I just washed my hair and let it air dry as I did the twists. For first timers, I would just say to take your time and re-twist if you need to (no matter if it takes a lot longer LOL). If you have any more questions, please let me know.

  12. These and the Senegalese twists are very pretty. Would you consider braiding anothers hair like this as well?

    • I actually have before!

  13. Hi there. I love your twists and thanks for sharing. You said you used 4 packs… Was it all the same color because it looks like you have highlights… Also what color did you use. Thanks!

  14. Also could you post more pictures of the back and sides with the twists styled up. I am trying this style on my own hair but I’m not sure of how big to make my parts. Thank you!!

    • Thanks Kari,
      I used the same color for all the twists, I can’t remember the exact color number though. My hair is honey blonde on the ends so that’s why it looks like I have highlights. Believe it or not I don’t have ANY pics of my hair from the back BUT if you look at my Instagram page (@jessicasimien) there is a photo of me in the process of doing the twists that you can see the parts a little bit.

  15. I absolutely love your hair! I am going to Jamaica in a few days and was looking into getting my hair braided. I thought about the Senegalese twists but didn’t want to keep them in long. Can you swim with the Marley twists? Thanks

    • Thank you! I didn’t try to swim with mine but I probably would put them in a bun if I did. I think they would stay up.

  16. Beautiful! How long did it take you?

  17. You look beautiful!

    • Thank you!

  18. Beautiful!! Can these braids be done for someone with relaxed hair?

    • Yes! My sister has relaxed hair and she got some.

  19. Gorgeous!! I hope I Look as Good With these as You Do!!

    • Thank you!

  20. I love this look on you! Do you know of any stylists in the Jackson area that does them?

    • Thank you! No, I’m sorry I don’t.

  21. I love these Jessica! One question though! How did you make them look full but not overwhelmingly helmety (is that even a word, lol!) Did you add more of your hair in certain sections to combat having toooo many twists?!?! It’s a perfect hair to face ratio I must try these! Too stinkin cute!

    • Thank you! I’m not sure to be honest with you. I felt like I had way more twists than the tutorials I watched but I still liked the way they came out. I used the same amount of hair for each twists, but my hair is thicker in the front section of my head so maybe that played a part in the way they came out.

  22. Hi jessica,

    What was your parting method for this style? I like that its full but overly full and heavy looking.

    • I just parted in blocks, starting with the back.

  23. Love your hair! Would you consider the twist to be small or medium in size?

    • Thank you, I would say medium size.

  24. You did a great job. I’ve been doing my research && I’ll be trying them myself next week. Thanx for answering all the previous questions, definitely helpful. I have just 2 more lol. 1) Will they turn out smoother if I straighten my hair first or will that make it harder to blend? 2) I want to do blonde twists since I have bleach blonde hair but my dark roots are half way grown out. Is there an ombre Marley hair or way to blend the colors better or do you think they will look ok if I do the blonde? Sorry for being so lengthy, this will be my first time.

    • Thanks Jei.
      1. I’m not sure, every time that I’ve done this style my hair was either slightly blown out or in an old twist out.
      2. Again, I’m not sure. I’ve always used a dark color to match my roots even when I had highlights/ombre in my hair and it looked fine.

      • hi, nice hair… where do you buy this hair and the name of your pack?

        • Thanks, I got it from a local beauty supply store. This was so long ago, I don’t remember the brand. Sorry :-/

  25. How big was your parts? Did you cut the hair in half ?

    • I didn’t cut the hair in half but my parts were a medium size I guess. Not too small, not too big.

  26. How many braids where there across the front ?

    • Maybe about 7-9…I’m not exactly sure, I did this so long ago and I haven’t worn my hair this way since. Sorry!

  27. is there a brand of hair that you find better

    • No, I just have always grabbed the marley texture…I never paid much attention to the brand name.

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