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Natural Hair Confidence: Stepping Out With My Two-Strand Twists [photos & video]

Two-strand Twist Protective Style

Even though I’ve been 100% natural for over a year now, I still have my moments when I feel like a total newbie. Like this morning for instance. The humidity has been KILLING my style ideas lately. My twist-outs look like afro wigs by the end of my work day. *sigh*

Last year around this time, I was recovering from my big chop and could wet my hair, add a little conditioner/cholesterol and a flower and go about my day. If only I were that lucky now. *another sigh, this time a deep one* Longer natural hair means more time in the bathroom mirror trying to get it to “act” right.

Last night, I added more color to my hair. Back in February, I colored my hair but I didn’t get it as light as I had hoped it would be. This time, I went with a honey blonde color and yep…still not light. I think over the next couple of days it will brighten, but it didn’t turn like I thought it would.

Looks orange-ish, huh? I think it’s the lighting in my bathroom.

Anyway, I ended up deep conditioning my hair, putting it in two-strand twists and letting it condition overnight under a plastic cap and my bonnet. I just knew it would dry (crazy, right?) but it didn’t – at all. It was just as wet as it was when I went to bed.

I finally got enough confidence to wear my two-strand twists out in public. I hate the way they look at times…just reminds me of how slaves used to be out in the fields with their hair in braids. Anyway, I paired it with a gypsy knotted scarf headband.

I was inspired by one of my fav YouTubbers, Naptural85. Check out the video below.

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