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Love, A Beautiful Thing [photos]

April 30, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Simon

This past Saturday, I got an opportunity to attend the wedding of my good friend Michelle. Not only was this my first time ever attending a wedding, it was very special because I was among my friends and we were all there to support Michelle and share that wonderful moment with her.

To see couples happy and in love makes me feel so warm inside (mushy, right?). Love is so beautiful. It isn’t always perfect or without problems, but love manages to endure it all.

The Bride and Her Father

Michelle was a beautiful bride and I was very happy to have had the opportunity to witness her and Chris become husband and wife. I wish them a blessed and happy marriage.

JhermiΒ accompanied me to the wedding and we sat and talked about what our wedding day would be like as we waited for the ceremony to start. What they say about all the women who attend weddings is true. You can’t help but to feel all lovey dovey and mushy when you watch another couple exchange vows.Β 

Me & Jhermi at the wedding

Everyone may not want to get married, but no one wants to be alone. Dating around and casual sex with every person you meet is going to get old one day, just ask any older person you meet.

May we all have happy relationships one day!

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