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Class Is In Session: Pimping 101 By Chris Brown

Chris Brown should receive the “2012 Pimp of the Year Award” if there is a such thing. With the drama surrounding his Twitter beef with Meek Mill and Drake over his ex-boo, Rihanna, his current girlfriend (yes he has one) Karrueche is sending kissy faces to his other ex-boo, Draya of Basketball Wives LA. I can hardly keep up.

Karrueche & Draya Hanging Out

Yesterday, Karrueche tweeted a photo of gifts she received from Draya with a little Emoji kissy face. Yes, Draya, the same woman who on national TV talked about her involvement with Chris Brown. First off, how fake can you be? Sending the girlfriend of someone you were once (or currently) involved with gifts is the fakest ish ever.

Not to mention how Chris Brown publicly shows that he is still attached in some way to Rihanna through his tweets, photos, etc.

I don’t know what he’s doing to make Karrueche stay…maybe it’s the millions he’s worth or his charm…IDK…but he is definitely doing something.

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