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Chris Brown And Rihanna, Just Get Back Together!

Chris Brown And Rihanna, Just Get Back Together!

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been in the spotlight a lot the last month or so, indirectly tweeting each other and even stealing a kiss at this year’s VMAs. Last night, they were spotted together in VIP at a Jay-Z concert in Brooklyn.

A hip-hop journalist shared a photo of the couple (is it safe to call them that yet?) on Instagram taking in Jay-Z’s show at the newly opened Barclays Center. There have been Twitter rumors that Breezy’s “girlfriend” Karrueche dumped the singer after all the recent reports of him rekindling his relationship with Rihanna.

I’m beginning to wonder if Karreuche was ever his official girlfriend period. I mean, she is verrryyy chummy with Draya (Basketball Wives LA) whom Chris has been involved with and the Rihanna rumors have been swirling around since this summer. I honestly think Chris and Rih Rih have been seeing each other for awhile now and Karreuche was just a cover-up.

I think the two should definitely get back together – if they’re ready to. It’s obvious they care deeply for each other and they may just be meant to be. Forget what others will say and be happy!

What do you all think? Should they get back together, if they already aren’t?

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