100 In a Year: Task 96 – Plaid Rhino

April 11, 2012

Task 96: Eat at 15 restaurants I’ve never eaten at before (4/15) *recap*

January 20, 2012: Plaid Rhino (Hattiesburg, MS)

I’m writing this post MONTHS after I actually ate at Plaid Rhino. I went back in January with my guy and we had a really nice time. I had been wanting to try Plaid Rhino since I first moved to Hattiesburg and never got around to going. One night we wanted to get out of the house, we decided to go there. The fact that it was all you can eat catfish night probably played a part in our decision. LOL! We both had the catfish and I had the BEST drink ever. (Continue reading for photos!)

The catfish was really good and fried to perfection. I hate that fishy, scaly part of the fish that is sometimes left on fried catfish and to my delight, none of it was there. Unfortunately I can’t remember how much it costs and I couldn’t find the entree on their online menu.

Catfish & Fries

The drink I had was called the Bomb Pop. It was a frozen margarita like those popsicles from back in the day…you know, the ones that look like a rocket? I could be wrong about the name of the drink but you’ll know it when you see it on the menu. Everything was delish! And I left full :-)

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