100 In a Year :: Task 96 – O.E.C. Japanese Express

100 In a Year :: Task 96 – O.E.C. Japanese Express
Shrimp Hibachi

Task 96: Eat at 15 restaurants I’ve never eaten at before. (7/15)

O.E.C. has some of the best shrimp hibachi in Hattiesburg! I met a friend there about a two weeks ago and have been back three or four times since, each time for their hibachi specials. 

The meal alone is only $7.95 for dinner and $6.95 for lunch (for the shrimp…the chicken is cheaper), which I think is very reasonable.

The restaurant itself is quiet and clean, the staff is friendly and it’s a great spot to get in and out of. The only thing that I think is strange is that I haven’t seen any actual plates or real eating utensils and cups there. Everything is in carry out trays or cups. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just thought it was strange.

They are located in the new shopping plaza on 3317 Hardy Street, Suite 20 next to Jimmy John’s. You can place an order by calling (601) 450-7788.

If you’re ever in the area, I recommend you try it!

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