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100 In A Year :: Go To A Wine Tasting Event (Task 57)


I’m two days into my yearly 100 In A Year challenge and I’ve already completed a task. I told ya’ll I was going to get serious about it this year and I meant it.

I was able to complete Task #57, which was to attend a wine tasting event. 

The event was held at the MBar in Jackson and it was hosted by 97.7 FM’s “Midday Diva,” Tambra Cherie (pictured with me above), and it was a very nice, chill event. I’m a big fan of chill-type events by the way.


I attended the event alone as a way to get in the mood for my upcoming “Sweet 26th” birthday and it wasn’t so bad. I was able to chat with Tambra for a while, I spoke with play director, J. Lee, about his recent work and I engaged in a very thought provoking conversation with someone I see around all the time but never get a chance to talk to.

Overall, I had a great time. One task down, 99 more to go!


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